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Dec 27, 2021

We often habitually look at problems from a limited perspective. In this episode of “Letting Go & The Greatest Secret,” Hale Dwoskin and Peter Lawry discuss how you can reverse this and see problems from a higher level. You are then free to achieve at your best and to recognize truth.

Often described as the “teacher's teacher,” Peter Lawry gently guides seekers back to the source of their inquiry, and in that clear seeing, dissolution happens. Peter has a life focus of awakening people to living as flow—living intuitively, creatively, and at ease. He currently offers private sessions and bespoke individual retreats. Connect with Peter through the Non-Duality Australia website at

Hale Dwoskin is the author of the New York Times best seller "The Sedona Method" and the coauthor of "Happiness Is Free: And It’s Easier Than You Think" with Lester Levenson. He has been helping people let go and discover their true nature since 1976. He is also one of the featured teachers in Rhonda Byrne’s book and movie phenomenon "The Secret" as well as a featured teacher in "The Greatest Secret." Learn more about Hale and the Sedona Method at,, and

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